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Is your law firm saving or costing you?

The company name, perhaps, says it best. The two Latin words, "Te" and "Cum" join together to mean "with you." Our many years of combined experience provide us with a unique, important understanding of legal cost factors which are otherwise intangible or difficult to detect. Our non-adversarial approach allows us to assist our clients in controlling expenses while building relationships with their attorneys. We believe the deterioration of the counsel-client relationship during the past decade has evolved through misunderstandings and can be corrected through communication and cooperation.

Our Mission

TECUM, Inc. is a unique consulting and service company specializing in the management and control of litigation costs.

Our mission is to create productive working environments and relationships between our clients - insurance carriers, self-insured companies and their defense attorneys which result in maximum cost efficiencies and the lowest possible combined claims and litigation costs.

Working with our clients and their attorneys, we help solve problems and /or improve results by: analyzing efficiencies of claims and litigation management; evaluating associated costs; and developing constructive processes which integrate control, communication and planning.

Some Achievement Highlights

In our capacity as auditors, consultants and/or Expert Witnesses on disputed bills, we have been successful in helping our clients control their legal spending and achieve substantial legal expense reductions and/or contributions without going to trial or mediation.

Following are some of our successes:

  • Successfully compromised all billing disputes without provoking litigation.
  • Reviewed over 500 law firms nationwide.
  • Reviewed and analyzed over 2,000,000 legal bills
  • Provided services to over 50 carriers and large self-insured clients
  • Assisted corporations in managing litigation and legal costs
  • Consulted with law firms, helping them to better understand their clients' expectations
  • Consulted with major carriers on staffing for litigation management
  • Consulted with clients to establish and modify meaningful and useful guidelines.
  • Worked on task forces for ABA on billing and client relationship issues
  • Developed a custom cost management program, which reduced legal expenses by $15 million for one company.
  • Served as witnesses or consultants in major and national litigation such as:
    - Breast implant litigation
    - Environmental claims
    - Asbestos
    - Intellectual property
    - Coverage litigation
    - Catholic Diocese Sex Abuse Cases
    - Class actions

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