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TECUM has developed and offers a series of litigation management training programs and seminars on various specific topics for its insurance / self insured clients and law firms. Training can be customized to address the needs and procedures for a specific client, either a company or a law firm, and conducted at the location of their choice. Specific training can be delivered in day, half-day, or multiple sessions. Also, seminars are being scheduled around the country. All of our programs are dynamic, interactive and energized with a comprehensive analysis of and practical solutions to many of the litigation based economic problems facing companies and law firms alike.

If you take advantage of our training and seminars, you won't get another innocuous, sleep-inducing session that barely scratches a surface topic or disappoints you by discussing obvious or worn out concepts. Our trainers are professionals that are experienced in the both the subject matter and in teaching the subject and in speaking for association events around the country, many of which have been sponsored by the ABA and local defense groups. We have developed and delivered custom litigation management training programs for numerous insurance companies which have been delivered on a circuit basis. As highlights, following are some concepts presented and discussed at previous sessions.

All Attendees have learned:

  • Besides inflation, what has caused legal expenses to escalate over the past twenty years. An insightful and honest history behind today's problems.
  • What has driven current negative public attitudes about attorneys and what their services cost.
  • The legal cost impact of business relationships.
  • How to begin, build, improve or restore healthy, cost effective and legal results oriented relationships between the client, insurance company and counsel.
  • The elements necessary to control costs and results through daily practices.
  • Current trends, including insurance company and client audits, bill review programs, staff counsel expansion and alternative billing.
  • The difference between Billing Management and Litigation Management and which gets the best cost and legal results.
  • How to determine "legal value benchmarks".
  • How to cope with the ethical issues of outside counsel guidelines. Do guidelines work and what other specific things need to be done?

Attorneys have:

  • Gained an understanding of what their clients want.
  • Learned what is needed to gain a competitive edge.
  • Discovered what company audits and bill reviews are and how to cope with them.
  • Learned what to do to provide the value their clients seek in legal services.

Business and Insurance Professionals have learned:

  • The weaknesses, strengths and necessities of guidelines.
  • The limitations of micro-management.
  • How to place a value on outside counsel services.
  • How to create management balances that work through daily practices.
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